It was the first warm spring day. Little Pig felt happy and decided to go to the lake for a swim.

On the way, she meets a hedgehog with very few quills, a crow with a very long bill, a green

lamb and a calf with lots of white spots. None of them looked like the ”ordinary” of their kind

and was therefore lonely. They all join Little Pig to go swimming. When they reach the lake,

they help a toad out of a difficult situation and each gets one wish fulfilled by the toad.


Duration: 9 min 10 sec

Format: 35mm 1:1,85/ HD - DVD 16:9

Sound; Dolby digital



Swedish original Title: Bara lite

English Title: Just a little




Production Company: PennFilm Studio AB


Producer: Clas Cederholm


Coproducer Film i Skåne Joakim Strand


Direction, Screenplay, Design & Backgrounds: Alicja Björk Jaworski


Animation: Alicja Björk Jaworski, Peter Jando


Animation assistent: David Appelquist, Lena Ignestam, Ilar Kristina Johansson


Scanning and coloring: Piotr Jaworski, Ania Jaworska


Photo: Piotr Jaworski


Supervisor: Per Åhlin


Music : Magnus Dahlberg


Sound & Mix: Olle Tannergård (fsfl)


Mixstudio Nalle Hansen Nordisk Film Audio


Cast - Swedish voices.


Hedgehog, Calf

Maude Cantoreggi


Little Pig,Lamb

Sissela Benn


Harald Leander


Digital laboratory: Filmek Teknik AB


Laboratory: Nordisk Film ShortCut


Contact and sales: studio@pennfilm.se


International Festivals Andreas Fock – Swedish Film Institute – www.sfi.se


Production support provided by Svenska Filminstitutet, film commissioner Johan Bogaeus,

Produced in association with Sveriges Television AB


Copyright 2011. PennFilm Studio AB